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Radio Interview with Body & Soul Awareness

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Body & Soul Awareness Radio. My most recent article described the technique of cord-cutting, but for those that are interested, you can listen to the recording of the interview below:

Many thanks and blessings to Stephanie and Oxana!

The spiritual technique of cutting cords

Last week, I was a guest on the Body & Soul Awareness Radio Show, and the hosts and I discussed the technique of Cord Cutting.

While there are numerous definitions of cord cutting within a spiritual or emotional context, I've observed the following themes in my healing appointments:

All of Life carries Energy, and that Energy is in perpetual motion.Energy is constantly exchanged between living beings, places, objects, etc. This is one aspect of communication.Cords are created between two or more of the above, in order to facilitate communication and the exchange of energy.If the cords are healthy and balanced/egalitarian, they appear golden.If the cords are unhealthy, and cause a dependency or domination effect, they appear shadowy & grey.If the cords show both grey shadows and golden threads, then the energetic relationship is complicated, and requires more in-depth and advanced work.Note: These trends are from my own healing work, and you may discover different Truths in…