The spiritual technique of cutting cords

Last week, I was a guest on the Body & Soul Awareness Radio Show, and the hosts and I discussed the technique of Cord Cutting.

While there are numerous definitions of cord cutting within a spiritual or emotional context, I've observed the following themes in my healing appointments:

  • All of Life carries Energy, and that Energy is in perpetual motion.
  • Energy is constantly exchanged between living beings, places, objects, etc. This is one aspect of communication.
  • Cords are created between two or more of the above, in order to facilitate communication and the exchange of energy.
    • If the cords are healthy and balanced/egalitarian, they appear golden.
    • If the cords are unhealthy, and cause a dependency or domination effect, they appear shadowy & grey.
    • If the cords show both grey shadows and golden threads, then the energetic relationship is complicated, and requires more in-depth and advanced work.
  • Note: These trends are from my own healing work, and you may discover different Truths in your own practice!
Because of my training and experience in mental health, most of the cords I observe in others are due to Interpersonal Relationships (and all of the strange ways that they can go wonky). How many of us struggle with family relationships that have loving but passive-aggressive qualities? Or romantic relationships that "feel" different after the new relationship energy has worn off? And how many of us struggle with the complicated politics of coworker/boss relationships?

Most of the time, the give-and-take of these interpersonal relationships (and the energetic exchange) balances out. We give of ourselves to our loved ones, to help them through crisis, pain, or other emotional upset. And they respond in different loving ways to replenish our energy. This is how cords work to help grow strong relationships.

Of course, relationships can change in an instant, and the balance forged may never return to its healthy form. Sometimes, a cord needs to be cut, in order for both parties to heal.

When working with others for shamanic healing, my helping spirits will alert me to the need for cord-cutting, as well as the most effective method for facilitating this. Because of the advanced nature of this type of healing, I advise that those who are interested in cord-cutting to seek out a reputable healer and/or therapist. However, there are ways in which to work with helping spirits for your own healing (i.e., asking for a cord to be cut/released from a relationship in which you have no more contact, etc.). 

Spiritual tools to assist with personal cord-cutting

Sacred Knives:

Athame- in Neo-Pagan religions, the athame is a ritual knife used to help create sacred space. It can also help cut psychic & energetic cords.
from WikiCommons
Stones & Crystals:

Stibnite- Stibnite is a form of lead antimony, and follows the Mythic Theme that if something is poisonous in this world, it is incredibly healing in the Otherworlds. It is a heavy metal, and so anyone who works with it (especially with bare hands) should immediately wash up at the end of the session.
from WikiCommons
Aegirine- This stone is named after the Norse God AEgir, who rules over the deep oceans and seas. Water is very often used as a symbol for emotion, and so this stone assists with cutting emotional cords.

from WikiCommons
Sacred Plants:

Bay Leaves- Bay Laurel is a fantastic plant that assists with cutting away cords of influence. In shamanic headspace, they appear as numerous tiny knives. There is a folk custom of placing a Bay leaf in your pillowcase to help cut away energetic ties while sleeping.
from WikiCommons
Apple Tree- I adore working with the Apple Tree (and not just because I am a Druid)! This plant loves humanity, and works well with the more complicated cords that are both grey & gold. Apple helps to bring Joy back to interpersonal relationships, and doesn't necessarily cut cords, but brings back balance and equal energetic exchange.
from WikiCommons
Helping Spirits:

Dismemberment- This is a form of healing that is purely spirit-driven during journey work and meditation. A strong relationship of trust needs to be established between you and your helping spirit(s), before asking for this type of healing to help release energetic cords (a great way to increase the communication between you and the spirits is by learning journey techniques).

If you are interested in learning more about cord-cutting, I invited you to attend the next Journey Class (if you are local to central Maryland). I also encourage you to email me with any questions you may have, and we can work together to help release cords that are damaging, complicated, and a drain on your energy.


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