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Replacing Fear with Wisdom (a Journey with Athena)

This month has been an emotionally painful one for many readers and clients. Election Day in the United States has forced the Shadow Side of the American public to center-stage, and it is ugly.

I've struggled with my own shock, disappointment, fear, and anxiety. I've also worked with many others, through healing and mentoring, that are stuck within these painful emotional states as well. No matter what the reasons for people voting the way that they did, there is a palpable sense of Fear, and a knowing that the USA has been profoundly changed by the results of Nov 8th.

As I've worked with clients (both old and new) for shamanic healing, one goddess has stepped forward repeatedly the past few weeks, Athena.

Although Athena is a Warrior goddess, I've noticed that her Wisdom and Healing aspects have been more present for me and my clients (different warrior goddesses have other strong aspects coming through). She has directed me to the profound Soul Loss that much of the …

Upcoming lecture in Salem, New Hampshire

This Saturday, I will be presenting at the Temple of Witchcraft, in Salem, New Hampshire. I will be giving a very in-depth lecture on the differences between ecstatic spiritual experiences and forms of mental illness.

For those that are local, I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you on expanding education in this topic! For those that are not local, this lecture is also available Online, in real-time, and you can watch and interact with me at home (in your pajamas, if you wish). The Facebook Announcement/Event is located here, and gives instructions for registering via PayPal or in-person. The cost is a floating fee between $30 and $40, for the ~3 hour lecture.

Hope to see you there!