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House Clearing Report: a client's story of how things have changed

(Note: This client requested a House Clearing, to help with stagnant energy, and to help combat the large amount of "bad luck" that had followed the family ever since moving into the home. Here are the client's own words: some aspects have been changed, to protect the client's privacy/anonymity.)

"Dear Healing Coyote,

I'm writing to give you an update on our house and us.
We've taken down the mirrors, moved our bed, covered the basement doors' windows with white paper and picked up trash from the backyard as well as under the deck. With the tree being cut down, we went up there with some wine, an apple and a couple cookies.  I'd done some reading online about offerings, and we decided to break out the fire pit this past Sunday and have a fire in the backyard. 
I have to say... I'm a little freaked out with how good things are with us.  I've had more energy than I've had in years (at least 18 months, I'd say...) and things for me are j…

Happy New Year to you!

Happy amazing New Year 2017!!!!
Many of us felt that 2016 was a doozy of a year, filled with emotional upsets, painful realizations, and numerous WTF moments (on both the micro and macro levels).

This past Monday, I conducted my first online Healing Ceremony, via Facebook Live, and it has helped many folks release the last of the stagnant energy of 2016. If you are in need of a clean slate, and haven't had a chance to work on your own healing yet, please take some time to view my video and meditate on the ceremony.  It is free to all who view it, and I've set it up so the Helping Spirits can work with your energy at the time of viewing (whether you attended Live or via the recording).

If you are looking for more focused healing, as well as the addition of Soul Retrieval, then email me today, and we will schedule a time for deeper, more profound healing work for this new year.