House Clearing Report: a client's story of how things have changed

(Note: This client requested a House Clearing, to help with stagnant energy, and to help combat the large amount of "bad luck" that had followed the family ever since moving into the home. Here are the client's own words: some aspects have been changed, to protect the client's privacy/anonymity.)

"Dear Healing Coyote,

I'm writing to give you an update on our house and us.

We've taken down the mirrors, moved our bed, covered the basement doors' windows with white paper and picked up trash from the backyard as well as under the deck. 
With the tree being cut down, we went up there with some wine, an apple and a couple cookies.  I'd done some reading online about offerings, and we decided to break out the fire pit this past Sunday and have a fire in the backyard. 

I have to say... I'm a little freaked out with how good things are with us.  I've had more energy than I've had in years (at least 18 months, I'd say...) and things for me are just really DIFFERENT.  I have energy and motivation that takes me back to 6+ years ago...  For example, yesterday, I did a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen in the morning, went thru the bedroom dusting, cleaning, going through the nooks and crannies that have collected what the Berenstain Bears would call "messy build-up." Took out my night stand, vacuumed the room, put in a new night stand...Then after dinner I cleaned the kitchen.  I also took trash to the curb (a huge load of trash).  And Monday was similar in how busy it was--- going to Ikea, hitting the pharmacy and Lowes...  Even over the weekend I felt different...  

In recent times, just carrying the vacuum upstairs was enough of a 'task' to wipe me out for a while... just getting motivated to carry it would have been a struggle.  

I also got four small indoor plants for the master bedroom... which meant re-potting them.  I used to be a big gardener... and that's really, REALLY fallen off in the last 18 months. 
I know there are lots of factors-- [personal information regarding physical body healing written here, but removed for privacy]... but I dunno... the timing is really suspect... you know?  Oh and having my backlog of disability assistance finally approved is huge!

There's still more work to do and a big trip to Goodwill, but it's progress... the room is WAAAAY different-feeling, for the better now!"

Shamans rarely get a chance to hear follow-up stories from clients. We are catalysts that help push through positive change, and once someone is feeling better (or "more like him/herself"), s/he continues with his/her life. I give great thanks for this story, and for the Helping Spirits who have helped this house become a safe, loving home. 

Hail the Spirits!


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