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A new Mythic Story, to bring hope & guidance

The world has changed so drastically in the past month, in very shocking and painful ways. I am still reeling from the magnitude of it, and the constant onslaught of fear, hatred, anxiety, depression, and pain within the States (It feels a bit disingenuous to call them "United States", because we are far from it...).
During the Soul Retrieval training last month, a student was gifted with an amazing story. A newly-formed myth, from beginning to end, came through in a Journey for him. It was incredible to witness, and reminded me of the importance of doing Sacred Work, and training others to be healers.
It will soon be part of a fantastic book, but here is the Myth (reproduced here with permission). I hope that it brings all readers a sense of wonder, magic, and healing in these dark times.
The Hag Who Stole the Starlight By Zac Lawhon (c) 2016 (all rights remain with him, DO NOT re-post without attribution!)
The water and the stars have loved each other for eons. This is why t…