Online Beltane Desert Healing Ceremony

I returned from Arizona yesterday, and what a change! Dry, hot (90F) weather each day, and now I'm in wet, cold (only 55F) weather. My poor allergies have started again, but I think that's only for another week or two, phew!

In typical wacky-Coyote fashion, I had some technical issues during my time in the Desert. My online healing ceremony accidentally split itself into two parts, and refused to upload in a timely manner. Thankfully, the high-speed internet of the East Coast helped, and linked below are Parts I and II of the Beltane Desert Healing Ceremony!

(Part One, around 32 minutes)

(Part Two, around 28 minutes)

I encourage everyone to make a cup of coffee/tea/juice, switch into comfy clothes, and watch the Ceremony when they have an hour of free time. This healing work can be facilitated whenever and wherever you are, but it works best when you can devote the full hour to it (turn off your phone, and anything else that could interrupt you). If you need to pee, it's perfectly fine to pause the ceremony, but it may have some energetic side effects if you start the ceremony and then stop it before the closing/sealing songs...

This is the second Online Ceremony that I've conducted (see my YouTube Channel for others), and while each one focuses on the different needs within the community, I do not perform Soul Retrieval during these ceremonies.*

I am very thankful to the Spirits of Yavapai County, the Ancestors, and the Shining Ones for their hard work between the Worlds. I look forward to working with additional Spirits of Place (genius locii) during my next online healing ceremony, coming this Fall/Winter 2017. Aaaaoooooooooooo!

*Soul Retrieval is a powerful form of healing/integration work, and can catalyze profound changes. It is best facilitated in the supportive atmosphere of a private ceremony, so that any crises can be addressed in a loving and therapeutic way.


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