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Overwhelming Energies of August

I can't believe August is just about over. From camping trips to workshops and grand healing ceremonies, this has been a doozy of a month! The frenetic & chaotic energy also seemed to extend out into the macrocosm. Racist marches (Charlottesville), terrorist attacks (Spain), and catastrophic weather (Hurricane Harvey) have been almost overwhelming to witness. Even the astrological weather has been terrible (how many planets are in retrograde now?).
It has been very hard to keep hope strong, especially against the pain of #TowerTimes (and also #DevilTimes, for those that work with Tarot).
I am reminded of my favorite anime, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood:  "All is One and One is All."  Every little bit that we do to influence our microcosm shifts the macrocosm. I want to support this energy, and support all of you doing the hard work, too.
Here are some articles that have helped me to stay focused, adapt to the ever-changing energetic tides, and know when to join Coy…