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Usui Reiki I Attunement on November 5th

The "laying-on of hands" is a healing technique found in many cultures, especially those with large populations and limited healthcare resources. As the United States continues to struggle with its own political machinations surrounding health insurance, many people are adding complimentary alternative healing techniques that support western medical care (i.e., acupuncture, massage therapy, shamanism, etc.).  

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, re-discovered by Master Usui Mikao in March 1922. Although there are many forms of Reiki, Master Usui's methods are most often taught cross-culturally. His hope was to encourage all people to learn self-healing techniques through Reiki energy work, in order to support a holistic-style of medical care world-wide. In this form of Reiki, tradition and lineage are the basis of Attunements (the process by which Reiki energy is "opened" in another person), in addition to lectures and teachings of technique.

This Reiki I…

Open Shamanic Journey Class in Laurel, MD

Hello Journeyers, old and new!

Welcome to this Open Shamanic Journey group, located in Laurel, Maryland. October's class will be hosted by Neighborhood Acupuncture (parking both on Main Street and behind the building). The topic will be on Ancestors (as we are getting close to Samhain!) Doors will open at 1:30pm, class runs from 2pm to 4:30pm, and we will close shortly after that. The cost of this class is $30, payable at the time of attendance (either via PayPal, check, or cash). 

There are plenty of chairs, but if you have a preferred cushion or mat that you enjoy using, you are welcome to bring it. Also, please bring a notebook and pen/pencil, in order to write down your perceptions and interactions in the Otherworlds. Our meeting time is roughly between lunch and dinner, but I have found that a small snack in between Journeys helps to ground and center oneself (bring that too, if you need it).

I will bring my Bear Drum and will be drumming for the class. As this is geared towards…

October's News

Happy Samhain-tide greetings to you all,

Last month was a doozy; my roommate and I lost her sweet doggie Tater, and it was devastating. The loss occurred the same day as my father's deathday anniversary, which is a strange synchronicity to be sure. That grief, coupled with painful anniversaries (9/11), catastrophic weather (see my YouTube video for a spontaneous ceremony to assist the Oceans), terrorist attacks, the crumbling political climate, a late-summer explosion of pollen, and the constant frenetic pressure from the Planets...just wow. According to some of my dear friends, the energy is continually ramping up: this may just be the New Normal in the physical realms!

We are approaching the Dark of the Year, which can bring a few different types of energies into one's life. Samhain is the Celtic New Year, through the purging of the previous one (note this holiday's occurrence at the end of Harvest Season). Some folks find this time of year difficult, due to Seasonal Affec…