Usui Reiki I Attunement on November 5th

(from WikiCommons)
The "laying-on of hands" is a healing technique found in many cultures, especially those with large populations and limited healthcare resources. As the United States continues to struggle with its own political machinations surrounding health insurance, many people are adding complimentary alternative healing techniques that support western medical care (i.e., acupuncture, massage therapy, shamanism, etc.).  

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing, re-discovered by Master Usui Mikao in March 1922. Although there are many forms of Reiki, Master Usui's methods are most often taught cross-culturally. His hope was to encourage all people to learn self-healing techniques through Reiki energy work, in order to support a holistic-style of medical care world-wide. In this form of Reiki, tradition and lineage are the basis of Attunements (the process by which Reiki energy is "opened" in another person), in addition to lectures and teachings of technique.

This Reiki I Attunement class is open to all interested attendees. The cost is $30, which can be paid online or via cash/check in person (held in Columbia, Maryland). The workshop will give an overview of the history, Japanese tradition/culture, techniques, and address cultural exchange/cultural appropriation issues. Attunements will be given to attendees, as well as guidance for self-healing and the ethical healing of others (both human and animal).

(Monika Healing Coyote received her Master/Teacher Level Attunement in June 2012, with the following Lineage: Sue Yarnes, William Lee Rand, Diane McCumber, Arthur Robertson, Ishikura Iris, Takata Hawayo, Hayashi Chujiro, Sensei Usui Mikao).


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