29 November, 2017

Preparing for the holiday season

How is everyone doing with the frantic preparation for the American Holiday Season

Bryant Park, NYC (from Wikicommons)
Many of us can feel as though there is never enough time, never enough money, and never enough energy to accomplish everything we feel we need to. Add a cold or battle with the flu on top of one's stress levels, and folks can feel numb and overwhelmed

Making time for self-care is extra important, although it may feel counter-intuitive at first. In Tibetan Bön & Buddhist teachings, there is a philosophy of 5 Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Space. Space is a tricky concept for us western occultists to understand, but oh-so-important when added to one's understanding of magical technology. All of us can feel completely out of control when faced with our gigantic "To Do Lists", especially as the lists change on a daily (sometimes even hourly) basis. By taking time for oneself, and creating the Space needed to let everything else "wait on standby" for a short of amount of time, we are able to ground & center, and refocus on our hierarchy of needs. Then, it is much easier to determine what tasks need our immediate attention, versus tasks that will always dominate our time but never fully resolve.

If you are someone who is struggling to keep your energy levels up, your physical and mental health balanced, and your boundaries strong with friends and family, then let's work on that together. I am available both weekdays and some weekends, and we can co-create a healing ceremony that addresses these power drains. There is no better time to focus on your own healing and shadow work then during a season that pushes self-sacrifice to the extreme!

09 November, 2017

All-level public Shamanic Journey Group on Sunday, Nov 19th

Hello Journeyers, old and new!

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Welcome to this Open Shamanic Journey group, located in central Maryland. November's class will be hosted by Neighborhood Acupuncture in Laurel, MD. The topic will be on Astrological Spirits, inspired by the fact that this class day is also my birthday! Please bring a copy of your Astrological Chart (a free one can be found here).  NOTE: I am not a trained Astrologer, and so we will not be discussing the depths of planetary personalities, but rather focusing more on the Spirits of Western Astrology and how we can interact with them!

Doors will open at 1:30pm, class runs from 2pm to 4:30pm, and we will close shortly after that. The cost of this class is $30, payable at the time of attendance (either via PayPal, check, or cash).

There are plenty of chairs, but if you have a preferred cushion or mat that you enjoy using, you are welcome to bring it. Also, please bring a notebook and pen/pencil, in order to write down your perceptions and interactions in the Otherworlds. Our meeting time is roughly between lunch and dinner, but I have found that a small snack in between Journeys helps to ground and center oneself (bring that too, if you need it).

I will bring my Bear Drum and will be drumming for the class. As this is geared towards Beginner-to-Intermediate students, I ask that you keep your own drums & rattles at home (the compounded rhythms make it difficult for newer folks to focus on the meditation).

I look forward to working with all of you, and growing our community!

Additional Info: This is a monthly beginning-to-intermediate Shamanic Journey group, as well as a place for those that wish a dedicated time/space to interact with their Helping Spirits. The fee is $30, and you don't need prior experience in Journey Techniques in order to attend! I will provided direct instructions during both Journeys, to help newer folks. For those who have never Journeyed before, or interacted with Spirits, or have figured out a Helping Spirit to work with (animal, plant, deity, etc.), here are a few articles that may help: