Mid January Update

On January 1st, we had a Full Moon in Cancer. The energies of this moon felt like returning home, and trying to make safe spaces for oneself. The Moon is very comfortable in the watery sign of Cancer, as it is closely aligned with this sign. It mimics the theme of "energies returning to the center", as Saturn has returned to its home sign of Capricorn. With the recent New Moon in Capricorntoo (this past Tuesday the 16th), January is full of whirling, potentiating energies! We'll dive in and navigate these in class this Sunday, 21st

For those that are interested in expanding their skills and knowledge in the Otherworlds, the next Advanced class on Sunday, 28th will be on visualization/perception, and how to trust those skills when working with one's Helping Spirits.

And coming up in February, there will be another Reiki I attunement class, a free online healing ceremony for Imbolc (keep the evening of Friday, Feb 2nd open!), and more workshops!

As always, for those that are interested in mentoring, divination, house clearings, and/or personal healing appointments, I have numerous open days during the week, and some weekend slots still open; I'd love to work with you to create a personal and individual ceremony.

I am looking forward to working with everyone this month, and I'm excited to help folks grow their relationships with their Helping Spirits. Have a great few weeks, and see ya'll soon!

Monika Healing Coyote


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