Feb's Solar Eclipse: the spiritual lessons of Aquarius and Leo for self-work

On Friday, Feb 16th, the world welcomed the Asian New Year and a Solar Eclipse, whoa!

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In preparing for the Open Shamanic Journey class (held on the 18th), I was given the following lesson:

Re-establishing Our Anchor-Point

In last month's lessons, the students and I talked with Saturn and his representatives to help us with our goals for the new year, and to help adjust to the more frantic energies of 2018 (and His movement into Capricorn). 

This month, the lessons were about dealing with overwhelming emotional states, the loss of motivation, the inability for coping skills to be as effective as they once were, increasingly long lists of tasks that we can never complete (but feel compelled and impatient to work on), and the inability to balance our own hierarchy of needs with other's needs... it's been a MONTH.

We learned that the Solar Eclipse of Feb 16th mimicked the energies of the Solar Eclipse of August 2017. Any issues that weren't' healed or addressed were now being pushed front and center, and definitely caught many of us by surprise! The hard work and focus of January seemed to be lost underneath the flood of energies of February, and so we looked to the Spirits for guidance for our self-work.

Two signs majorly impacted by the astrological weather were Aquarius (Fixed Air, relationships to the community at large, archetypes, and the super-power of Detachment) and Leo (Fixed Fire, issues of self-worth, personal sovereignty, and the super-power of Banishment (dismissing things that are not truly helpful/fulfilling)).  In learning more about these spiritual energies of healthy detachment and healthy banishment, we discovered how to take away the self-imposed pressure on our lives (expectations of others Are NOT Manifest Reality). We also learned how to bring back our Core Perception of ourselves, which is where personal trust and personal sovereignty begins!

For those who were unable to attend, but are interested in this work, here are the Journey Lessons:
  1. Travel to your Helping Spirit and ask to be shown a issue/situation where you have lost your own detachment. Where have you become too enmeshed in details, outcomes, and your attempts to control?
    1. Ask for help in working with a healthy detachment technique (is it saying "No"to people, places, things, and/or ideas? Is it taking time before responding to a request (12-24 hours)? Is it processing out a demand on your energy/time, either out loud with others or internally via journaling?).
  2. Travel to your Helping Spirit and ask to be shown small-but-constant drains on your own energy. What people, places, things, and/or ideas are not worth your very creative and magical time & attention?
    1. Ask for help in discovering a healthy banishment technique (Is it saying "No" to something more permanently? Is it the spiritual use of the Epic Eyeroll? Is it more objectively understanding the motivations behind an action or issue, and realizing that the data points/outcomes have Nothing To Do With You?)
A few final lessons from Leo, that came through at the end of class:
"If you are Sovereign of your own queendom/kingdom, then you need to develop knowledge of what is needed, what is draining, and what your sacredness is actually about. Once you begin working on that, you can better evaluate things that are 'crossing the moat', crossing your Boundaries, and Banish/dismiss them effectively."
 If you have any questions about the lessons of this month, please contact me! I'd love to have you in class, and/or help mentor you through some difficult lessons in your own life.


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