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Perceiving in the Darkness

No matter what our experience level, our Spirits challenge us when we do work in the Otherworlds. We learn basic journey skills in order to discern greater meaning in our lives, to go on fact-finding missions, and to strengthen our creative problem-solving skills when dealing with upcoming issues in our past, present, and future.
However, journey work is never simple, and our Spirits will challenge us many times. We are constantly provided with "tests" that help us to more effectively perceive Truth, metaphor, symbolism, and grow our emotional intelligence. These comprise the symbolic language of the Otherworlds, and help us to become more fluent in "heart-seeing" versus visual perception.
Sometimes, our Spirits will block our perception of something until we are ready. Some information is so profound, so awe-inspiring, that once we learn of it, it can give us the catalyst necessary to inspire change, transformation, and growth. We are always trying to prepare our…