Suicide in the United States

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Whatever you are going through, whatever you are dealing with, please remember that #mentalillness is Not Your Fault, your thoughts are not always true/rational (your brain can lie to you, if you don't have the coping skills to recognize it), and that Willpower Doesn't Solve Suicidal Thinking!
I am a firm believer in the power of All Medicines, both Shamanic and Psychiatric, to help manage and support #mentalhealth. Having a full treatment team backing you up is a wonderful way to help you to not feel alone.
The hardest thing to do is to convince yourself to Ask for Help (you are not "being a bother", "faking it", and/or "making a big deal out of nothing".) Suicidal depression is very alienating, and the brain chemistry will bring up all sorts of thoughts to increase your dissociation and disconnection.
I will NEVER victim-blame you, gaslight you, or judge you for what you are feeling/experiencing. I will witness your pain, your trauma, and your crisis, and Not Be Afraid (in fact, we can be "in the muck" together). I can help with some reality-testing of your emotions, and if needed, we can seek out additional support together (it helps to have an advocate who understands the mental health system in the States).
I see you, I am with you, I love you.


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