Planetary retrograde energies of Spring/Summer/Fall 2018

Happy September to you all,

For those of you who were unable to join us for the live ceremony this past 30 August 2018, you're in luck! The recording is both available on Facebook and YouTube, as well as archived videos of all previous healing ceremonies.

This ceremony had a much different tone, feel, and magical purpose as compared to the Summer Solstice Ceremony The world experienced HUGE shifts, as seven of the nine planetary bodies all ended up moving retrograde at the same time! Many of us struggled with coping skills, extreme shifts in mood, low energy levels, higher-impact from regular stressors in our lives, and some great difficulties with our reality-testing, both in this Middleworld and the Otherworlds. Folks who struggled with PTSD and other trauma-related disorders reported feeling as though there symptoms went way up, and that the sensory memories felt like they just happened. I too experienced this, as I have felt the nightmares of parental death, September 11th, and other crises ramp up once again.

Thankfully, most planets have started moving forward once again, which means that we can rebuild our coping skills more effectively, we can communicate our Truth better, and our reality-testing gets back on track. It also means that each planet's energies, as they move forward, help bring renewal, increased motivation, focus & concentration, and hope. Here's a listing of the planets, and the days that they started moving forward again:
  • Mercury (direct on Aug 19th)
  • Venus (direct now, goes Rx in the month of October 2018)
  • Mars (direct on Aug 27th)
  • Jupiter (direct on July 10th)
  • Saturn (direct on Sept 6th)
  • Uranus (still Rx, direct in the month of January 2019)
  • Neptune (still Rx, direct on Nov 24th)
  • Pluto (still Rx, direct on Sept 30th)
During the ceremony, we worked on grounding & centering via the Two Powers meditation technique, received healing from the Celtic deities Manannan mac Lir and Brigid with a Water/Fire healing, and Danced our Animals with Coyote, to bust a move and bring joy back into our lives!

Interested? This ceremony can be viewed at any time, just schedule out 90 minutes for yourself, and click on the video below (aaaaaooooooooooo!):

Have a blessed start to your Harvest Season!


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