Venus in Retrograde, and the power of Rage

(from WikiCommons, public domain)
The major theme during this transformation process is RAGE, especially the empowering aspects of rage. Anger is a difficult emotion for many people, as it signals a boundary crossing by a person, place, thing, or idea. Very few of us received good role-modeling on how to communicate our anger effectively, and those deficits have cause major issues on a personal, community, and global level. 

Many victims of abuse have come forward to speak their truth regarding their traumatic experiences, and to role model the change needed in our nation. Each day, the processing and understanding of these truths slowly shifts the emotions and thoughts of the general public. Although many of us feel burnt out by the evils of unequal power dynamics, this slow & gradual changing of the collective is the transformational process our world has needed. 

If you are interested in knowing more, especially with Venus working her way through Scorpio, please listen in at 9pm EST on Monday Oct 15th, where I will be giving a live radio interview on these topics on Organic Frequency Radio.


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