Online Shamanic Ceremony for Self-Care/End of 2018 Healing

Glad Yule to all!

This past Monday, I facilitated an online healing ceremony, the last one of 2018. There were some interesting bits, such as time dilation (we worked together for 2 hours, whoa!) and frozen electronics, but the video has been rendered and uploaded to YouTube.

This past Summer, almost every single planetary body in our Solar System went Retrograde with its movements and its energies. During this period of intense pressure, many magical and spiritual folks noticed that their personal coping skills no longer worked as effectively. As the Summer season transitioned into Autumn and Winter, this painful pattern continued. 

When we are not able to release old energies, work with our coping skills, or complete effective self-care, our Flight/Fight/Freeze response within our brains remains permanently on. With the passage of time, this can have extremely detrimental effects on our psychosomatic health, our trust and faith in ourselves, and our hope in a loving Universe.

This ceremony addresses these factors, by gently bringing attention to our ineffective coping skills that have distracted us from our physical lives; we are "checking out" instead of recuperating from our stressors. We need to stop using our current knowledge, wisdom, and experiences as the rubric to evaluate our past traumas-- we are setting ourselves up for secondary pain, guilt, and judgement. No matter what, the things that we've done in our past in multiple situations have helped us to survive. By letting go of our shame, we are able to actually catch our breath in the Present, and know that no matter what, we can endure and adapt to our Futures!

I hope this ceremony brings you all healing, grounding, and the spark of your curiosity.
Contact me if you are in need of further work in the New Year,
Monika Healing Coyote
410 989 6947 


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