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Mid-January Greetings!

Happy belated New Year's blessings to you,

This year begins my ninth year of working for the public, and my fifth year working as a full-time shaman. It's been incredibly difficult, and I've endured some rather intense initiations; I am excited to expand and grow Healing Coyote Shamanism even more! 

During the autumn and winter months, my landlord and I discovered a large outbreak of toxic black mold. The summer of 2018 was incredibly hot and humid; the entire DC & DelMarVa area saw an increase in mold/fungus within homes (we even broke the record for most rain!). Although my landlord has addressed these problems, I have decided to move into a new housing/business location. I am excited to expand the workshops and teachings within a newer, larger basement (#basementshaman on Instagram!). The final walk-through resulted in a successful agreement, and I shall be moving closer to the Washington DC area during the month of February (just in time forImbolc andAsian New Year, …