Mid-January Greetings!

Happy belated New Year's blessings to you,

This year begins my ninth year of working for the public, and my fifth year working as a full-time shaman. It's been incredibly difficult, and I've endured some rather intense initiations; I am excited to expand and grow Healing Coyote Shamanism even more! 

During the autumn and winter months, my landlord and I discovered a large outbreak of toxic black mold. The summer of 2018 was incredibly hot and humid; the entire DC & DelMarVa area saw an increase in mold/fungus within homes (we even broke the record for most rain!). Although my landlord has addressed these problems, I have decided to move into a new housing/business location. I am excited to expand the workshops and teachings within a newer, larger basement (#basementshaman on Instagram!). The final walk-through resulted in a successful agreement, and I shall be moving closer to the Washington DC area during the month of February (just in time for Imbolc and Asian New Year, such synchronous omens)!

As I make the great changeover, I will be teaching only All-Level classes during January and February (instead of both all-level and advanced). The topics will vary, depending on current events, astrological trends, and the self-care needs of the community. I will be teaching more intensive workshops, such as House Clearing/Blessing, Psychopomp/Healing the Dead, Tracking through the Otherworlds, Wrathful Compassion (stabbing things, ha ha!), Weather Shamanism, and more (Soul Retrieval workshop is THIS WEEKEND, yay!). My great hope is to have everything moved over, cleaned, unpacked, and ready for double teachings starting March 1st.

Many exciting things happening this year, stay tuned for details!

Monika Healing Coyote


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