Imbolc greetings and updates

Happy Imbolc greetings to you all,

Welcome to the newsletter for the holiday most sacred to the Irish goddess Brigid! She was the first goddess that I met during my wee years as a neophyte Druid (2002); look to the next post for more information about Her healing work!
Additionally, 2019 begins my ninth year of healing for the public, and my fifth year working as a full-time shaman. It's been incredibly difficult, and I've endured some rather intense initiations; I am excited to expand and grow Healing Coyote Shamanism even more!

If you've read the previous few updates, you know that I am MOVING! During the first week or so of February, I shall be moving to the Wheaton area; just in time for Imbolc and Asian New Year!  I am excited to expand the workshops and teachings within a newer, larger basement (#basementshaman on Instagram!).  As I make the great changeover, I will be teaching only All-Level classes during February (instead of both all-level and advanced).  My great hope is to have everything moved over, cleaned, unpacked, and ready for twice-monthly teachings starting March 1st, wherein I will be teaching more intensive workshops, such as House Clearing/Blessing, Psychopomp/Healing the Dead, Tracking through the Otherworlds, Wrathful Compassion, Animal Spirit connections, Weather Shamanism, and more.

Although I am moving my business, I am still booking individual healing ceremonieshouse clearings/blessings, business blessings, and/or family healings! I also have the ability to conduct mentoring and divination appointments, too.  If you are in need, please don't wait to contact me; we can book your session immediately and I can do passive healing work until our time together (and this ensures that we have scheduled time on the books).

Monika Healing Coyote


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