26 May, 2019

The magical technology of Goshuin 朱印 stamp books in Japanese Shinto practice

Within the Shinto religious practice, prayers and offerings between us and the Kami (spirits) are marked with special stamps (called Goshuin 朱印). Each temple has a different mark, different sacred calligraphy, and switches the artistry on a regular basis. It marks the date, the Japanese Era, the temple/shrine location, and the Kami spirit who received the offerings.
Magically, these stamps honor the exchange between the person offering prayers/money/gifts to the Kami, and the Kami's hopeful agreement (within about a year) to answer the prayers.
It is a wonderful way to stay in touch with the Spirits of Place when back home!
(This particular stamp is from the Takeo Shrine dedicated to the 3,000 year old Camphor Tree near Takeo-cho in Saga, Kyushu Island, Japan.  (c) Monika Healing Coyote 2019

(c) Monika Healing Coyote, 2019

17 May, 2019

A Druid journeys to the Island of Kyushu, Japan

I had an amazing time studying some of the yokai and kami spirits withing Shintoism this trip! Stories will come soon, but here is the first of many, many pictures showcasing the incredible beauty of this Land!

Note: All images are photographed by Kristina Elyse Butke, and all copyright remains with her. Posted with expressed permission.

Akamizuhebiishi Shrine:

(c) 2019, KEB

(c) 2019, KEB
(c) 2019, KEB

(c) 2019, KEB

(c) 2019, KEB

(c) 2019, KEB 
(c) 2019, KEB

02 May, 2019

Upcoming May Events

Happy & loving greetings to you all,
Welcome to the blog article for the upcoming month of May, and the season of Beltaine! In this post is the most recent Earth Day online healing ceremony, a free & informal Plant Walk at Baltimore Herb Festival, and the next open shamanic journey class.

This past month of April was a very painful one for me, and one of the worst for my physical health. For the first time in my entire life, I have developed strong, constant allergies to many of my beloved trees. My allergy meds were completely unable to keep up with my inflammatory reactions, and my daily health suffered, my business suffered, my high level of energy/strength suffered, and my ability to socialize suffered. I had no idea that reduced breathing levels would have such a profound impact on EVERYTHING!
I am most brokenhearted about my work with all of you; I've had to re-schedule numerous appointments, cancel workshops, sing through itchy throats and limited breath support, and push much of my emails/administrative work to the side. I never even got a newsletter out for April, rawr! Moving to Montgomery County has increased my exposure to crazy amounts of pollen, as well as constant pollution and ozone (MoCo & surrounding counties all FAILED the American Lung Association's air quality tests). And the heavy mold exposure from my previous home certainly hasn't fully healed yet...

However, I am hoping that the new medications that I am on will help me turn the corner, and bring me back to my full state of awesomeness. I am visiting with my sister for the next week, and I will return refreshed, renewed, and with a new focus for our Summer together!
If you need any support with the difficult-but-overall-empowering energies of this month, please email me for an individual, couples, and/or family ceremony appointment. Together we can address these energies within my new healing temple space in Wheaton-Silver Spring, MD.

Many blessings on your month!

Monika Healing Coyote