The magical technology of Goshuin 朱印 stamp books in Japanese Shinto practice

Within the Shinto religious practice, prayers and offerings between us and the Kami (spirits) are marked with special stamps (called Goshuin 朱印). Each temple has a different mark, different sacred calligraphy, and switches the artistry on a regular basis. It marks the date, the Japanese Era, the temple/shrine location, and the Kami spirit who received the offerings.
Magically, these stamps honor the exchange between the person offering prayers/money/gifts to the Kami, and the Kami's hopeful agreement (within about a year) to answer the prayers.
It is a wonderful way to stay in touch with the Spirits of Place when back home!
(This particular stamp is from the Takeo Shrine dedicated to the 3,000 year old Camphor Tree near Takeo-cho in Saga, Kyushu Island, Japan.  (c) Monika Healing Coyote 2019

(c) Monika Healing Coyote, 2019


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