Independence day online healing ceremony

If you've been paying attention to the themes underneath the fear-causing news articles, then you know of the major changes to the United States. There are numerous threats to our Personal Liberties, the health of our shared Lands, the safety of our Oceans, and to the health of our nation's People. Many aspects of our relationship to the Nation are BROKEN. What does this mean for our relationships to our Helping Spirits? The animals, plants, insects, and spirits of place suffer under our inability to maintain "ghosti", the hospitable & "right-relationship" with all Beings who share this physical world with us. Because so many humans are actively working against the healing of this country, there is a great need for spiritual- and magically-inclined citizens to bring Healing. This Druid shamanic healing ceremony will help us to renew, refresh, and refocus. We will ask our Helping Spirits to join with us and inspire through Hope & Faith, and direct healing to the egregore that saps our strength, divides our work with in-fighting, and feeds our fear and anxiety. Work your magics to not only heal yourself, but heal our country!

(recorded LIVE at 1100am EST, in Wheaton-Silver Spring, Maryland.
(c) 2019 Monika Healing Coyote)


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