Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Today marks the Solar Eclipse in Cancer, wahoo! 

from Wikicommons

For those of us on East Coast time, it'll start around 3:15pm. I do not believe that we will be able to see much more than a general darkening of the sky for a few minutes, but it will certainly have a spiritual and emotional affect on our systems. For the month of July, we will have two eclipses, a solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd, and a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th. Here are some excellent words to help you prepare:
  • "Eclipses reveal what we need to heal within ourselves. Highly transformative, if we take it up on its offer, Eclipse Season marks a time where we renew our relationship to our life’s purpose. It marks a moment where we gain clarity about what we need to put a stop to. These eclipses, in particular, demand our finest efforts, making clear the conflict we have to work through. They encourage us to purge the emotional, psychological, and interpersonal toxins from our lives."
    • - Chani Nicholas
Today's eclipse will help us to pull back any damaging coping skills that were created from broken family patterns (Cancer's realm). None of us grew up in perfectly supportive families, and much of our self-work each lifetime is to figure out what supports us, and what has damaged us, so that we can heal it and work to not damage others. This eclipse will also poke at our feelings of "home" and what that means (i.e., is it our constructed environtment? the people we surround ourselves with? our blood relatives? our chosen famliy members?). Today sets the entire tone for the month, so please email me if you need any help.


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