Upcoming FREE online shamanic lecture series

(promotional image, c/o Dottie Lamoureux)
Hey folks, I recently gave an interview on the neurobiology and shamanic themes of anxiety & depression for an online conference! I'd love to share it with you, especially as it is part of a more major, week-long conference next week (and it's totally FREE).

My colleague, Dottie Lamoureux, has provided more information in her own words, please read:

"Do you believe your ancestors have messages for you; that they want you to heal and release any energy that does not serve you?
Do you believe that when you begin to heal these things for yourself that your ancestors heal too?
Do you believe that your ancestors are calling upon you to acknowledge grief?
Your ancestors want you to know…
You are exactly as you were designed to be; right here, right now.
You are full of love.
You have the ability to help heal your family’s past and change the course of your family’s future.

September 9 - 13, 2019 

"You will hear from 16 speakers, who will impart wisdom and ritual that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. This information will help to initiate healing in some way.

Click here now to register for this life-changing event."


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