Mid-October events, lectures, and community-building

The full moon in Aries arrived this past Sunday, and what a doozy it was! I've been busy these past few months, setting up new locations for classes, planning out the events for the rest of the calendar year, and providing lectures for TWO different online healing summits (my most recently-recorded lecture goes live tomorrow)!

Click here to register, you're not too late!

I've also enrolled in numerous "shamanic-CEU" classes (i.e., continuing education classes) that focus on TRAUMA; the physiology of it, the nervous system and brain response, emotional/mental regulation, and spiritual healing of our fight/flight/freeze responses. My healing work has deepened to include these new modalities, and I would love to speak with you about it-- just send an email!

I am also facilitating more community pot lucks & rituals for those of you who may be interested. This time of year brings a lot of chaos and stress, no matter what family responsibilities and holiday events are celebrated. There will be a Samhain Pot Luck ritual within my home on Sunday Oct 27th (starting at 6:30pm), and a holiday party for students on Sunday Dec 1st (starting at 2pm). Please let me know if you are interested in attending!
If you need any support with the difficult-but-overall-empowering energies of Autumn, please email me for an individual, couples, and/or family ceremony appointment. Together we can address these energies within my new healing temple space in Wheaton, Maryland.

Many blessings on the rest of your month!

Monika Healing Coyote


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