Shamanic workshop: Coyote's adventures in the Desert

(c) Monika Healing Coyote, 2018
This specialized shamanic journey class with center around our most beloved trickster, Coyote! Come learn a bit about their myths, evolution as a Spirit, work with humans in the Americas, and communicate directly with them in ritual journey space (cost = $30).

Our workshop is as follows:

  1. Arrival, attendance, fee payment
  2. Lecture & background
  3. Bathroom break
  4. Setting up of ritual space
  5. Offerings to Coyote themselves
  6. Journey to communicate with Coyote within their desert environment: "Asking for help for finding what was lost, and leaving an offering for what is no longer needed."
  7. Sharing of stories (only if attendees feel comfortable)
  8. Thanking of Spirits, closing of ritual
The address will be provided to those that comment/email their interest, and as there is both a kitty and a doggy within the home, PLEASE let me know if you have any pet allergies, and I will do a mondo-cleaning!

Looking forward to it, aaaaooooooo!


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