Psychopomp: Shamanic Healing of the Dead

Chiron, the Ferryman, with Mercury and a Human Soul
from WikiCommons

Psychopomp, Healer of the Dead
Workshop on Sunday, Dec 29th, 2019

This 5-hr intensive workshop will discuss the role of the Psychopomp in different Indo-European, Greek, Ancient Egyptian, and North American cultures, and how interested folks can learn techniques to help the Honored Dead connect with loved ones after they have passed.

The lecture will also describe the 5 stages of Grief (Kuebler-Ross) for both the living and the dying/dead, the dangers/side effects of this magical work, partially-guided journeys in order to practice newly-acquired skills & techniques, and how to add this work to clergy counseling, death doula work, and other healing modalities.

The cost of this advanced-level training is $50, and I ask that all interested students check in with Monika Coyote, either via email ( or via Messenger to this business page.


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