Imbolc Druid healing ceremony ONLINE

from the amazing artist, Rachel Santel (click on the image for more info/purchasing)

On Monday, February 3rd, at 7pm, Monika Healing Coyote will be facilitating an Online Shamanic Healing Ceremony via Facebook Live.

This Druid shamanic healing ceremony will help us to move out of the sluggishness of Winter, revitalize our energetic & physical bodies, and work with the Celtic goddess Brigid: patron of inspiration, creativity, healing waters, uplifting fires, and loving compassion (artwork by Rachel Santel, which you can find here).

As we continually work towards healing/preparing/adjusting for 2020 (and the preparation for a contentious Election Year), let us gather around Monika Coyote's fireplace, give offerings to the Spirits, and ask for healing for ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, and our communities!

This event is open to everyone, and all you need is a WiFi- or data-enabled device in which to stream the audio/video feed.

For those who have not participated in a Facebook Live event before, the steps are as follows:

  1. Go to "Monika Healing Coyote Shamanism" and ensure that you have "Liked" my Page.
  2. On Monday evening, prepare yourself to participate in your own healing & power/energy retrieval. Whatever you need to do to feel comfortable in your room/home/space, do it. Pajamas, tea, a small snack, snuggling a pet or stuffed animal, turning the cell phone off, etc. Many folks like to take notes as the ceremony progresses, and to write down any insights that come during the healing process.
  3. At 7:00pm, I will begin the Live event, and Facebook will immediately notify all persons who have marked "Going", and have "Liked" my Page, that I am going live.
  4. Click on the Notification, and a video screen will open up for you to experience the Healing Ceremony.
Finally, I am asking for a small donation from each participant for this work; a minimum of $15 (which can be paid online here).

I can't wait to work with you all, and break through the constraints of space & time for Healing!


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