Soul Retrieval 3-day training workshop

(c) Monika Healing Coyote, 2020
Workshop from 10am Jan 18th, 2020 through 4pm Jan 20th, 2020

This workshop is open to any/all spiritual healers, leaders, and philosophers who not only have a solid background in active meditation techniques, but who wish to learn the deep, profound nature of the embodied Soul (human, animal, plant, land, etc).

These techniques were originally learned via Sandra Ingerman's lineage of teachings (2010 and again in 2013). After receiving & integrating these intensive lessons from the Spirits, Monika Healing Coyote has facilitated Soul Retrieval for the public community for 10 years. This will be the third round of teachings, and she adds educational aspects from Indo-European folk magic, Western Occultism, and Celtic Druidry. Additionally, she empowers this work with the strict ethical codes from her 16+ years in various health & human services fields (law enforcement, psychology, shamanism, and clergy).

In order to receive a certificate of completion, attendees must attend all three days of this training, including the final ritual on Monday. Sadly, due to the advanced nature of the teachings, attendees must receiving the lessons in person (Skype/Face Time not permitted).

Quick Synopsis of the Workshop:

  • Sat January 18th 2020 and Sun January 19th 2020 (10am to 7:30pm)--Preparing the client for Soul Retrieval, ethical consent, techniques of Soul Retrieval itself, integration work, current topics within the philosophies of Soul Retrieval work, Ethical Guidelines for working with the public.
  • Mon January 20th 2020 (10am to 4pm)-- Main Ritual for Soul Retrieval, ideas for creating/maintaining a healing business in the United States, final thoughts.

The cost of this 3-day workshop is $300, which is payable via cash, check, or PayPal (I can send a request to you via email). For students who have already taken this course and are interested in re-taking it (to update their personal work, to increase their confidence/skill level, etc.), the price is only half ($150). Please email me at for questions.

I am ecstatic to share this life-changing, miraculous work with you, and to start the new year of 2020 in a profoundly healing way!

(Sandy's article on Soul Retrieval: )


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