Imbolc shamanic healing ceremony video

As the Imbolc holiday month continues, I am seeing more individuals struggling with the effects of compounded trauma, fear-mongering by the media, and the betrayal by our government to protect its most disenfranchised peoples (those communities that shitty power dynamics & privilege "outed" a long, long, loooooooong time ago).

As we all search for the way forward through not only our personal Darkness, but the Collective Darkness, the omens that continue to arise surround the themes of COMMUNITY.

Many of us barely have the energy left to make time for renewing bonds with friends, neighbors, and local groups. It feels like a chore, like we are "bothering others," that we will never quite fit, never fully belong.

It is a lie.

It's the lie that exhaustion, depression, confusion, panic, anxiety, and the tendrils of collective despair tell us.

For 2019, Badb (of the three Morrígna) spoke Her Omen: ENDURE.

Many of us have tried, and done the best that we can. Many of us have started to prepare others-- teach them how to care for loved ones, families, and their own communities. Some of us are doing the hard Shadow Work in learning how to endure in difficult times that never seem to end...

Now, with the changing of the year into 2020, Macha (of the three Morrígna) spoke Her Omen: NIGHTMARE.

How do we deal with our own personal Nightmares? How do we tease out the rational from the irrational, when the "rules" keep changing? What coping skills do we need to create in order to withstand the onslaught of the Unknown Nightmare(s)?

This ceremony, which negative entities tried very hard to stop (wifi booster broke, router issues, cellphone camera unexpectedly "not working", etc.), helps us to answer those questions. Please watch as many times as needed, and blessed healing to you all.


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