Springtime blessings

March blessings to you, dear reader!

(c) Monika Healing Coyote, 2020

What a difficult 2020 it's been so far here at the Crow's Nest, oof. As I come in to a year full of anniversaries (10th year working for the public, 8th year teaching for the public, and 6th year of full-time shamanism & Druidry!), I am also crossing over into some physical health thresholds. Perimenopause and hormonal changes, food sensitivity changes (goodbye dairy), and unexpected hearing issues. But, I've continued my work with a spiritual mentor, and it has been incredibly helpful in meeting these challenges, integrating them, and adjusting my before-and-after-care routines for healing ceremonies! All healing modalities change the physical & energy bodies in different ways, and I am committed to my personal health and to yours as well.

As I navigate these interesting physical body shifts, I excitedly discovered that my shamanic practice has shifted in powerful and deep ways! New methods have come from the Helping Spirits, including new spirits to teach these methods. For those who are working with me for the first time, or returning after an extended absence from shamanic healing, I am still working with the chakras, stones & crystals, phurbas, etc. in releasing, healing/returning energy, and empowering shielding. However, for those that work continuously with me, in any capacity, there is much more music, dancing, drumming, singing, and flute-playing during the Spirit-led portion of the ceremony. Interested in trying it out? Please email me for a session with this new method!
My research into PTSD/C-PTSD continues, as well as its effects on the energy bodies and spiritual healing centers/chakras. I am also assisting those who are ready to create their own Journey Group in their area, to help community members learn how to receive insights from the Spirits. I am always available to help, just drop me a line!

Many blessings on your month,
Monika Healing Coyote


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