All-call for Psychopomp healers to help with COVID-19 deaths!

I am asking for your help, and so are the Gods. With such catastrophic death from COVID-19, and a complete and utter lack of timely burials, late death certificates, no religious ceremonies, no visits from family/friends/relatives, nursing home deaths, increased suicidal thinking that may start leading to action.... yep, we are needed to help guide the Honored Dead STAT

Charon and Hermes helping a Soul to cross over, public domain, from WikiCommons

Spiritual Healers from almost all countries, mostly all religions, numerous magical backgrounds, and varied occult traditions are working together planet-wide to help psychopomp the Dead and dream a new & healthy world into being

For those that have already had the training, this is your not-so-gentle poke to review your notes and ask your Spirits how you can help. For those that are interested, and have at least a more-than-beginner level of healing training, just email me and I will send you my notes and references pages.

Please review them, and reach out if you have any questions. Also, please check in with yourself, your focus & concentration levels, your comfort with doing this work, etc. Feel free to set up some time with me for a quick check-in with mentoring and divination, if you want. But if you can, and if you are up for it, please light a candle, offer some incense, and begin Psychopomp healing!

You are welcome to create your own routine, even if it's once per week, once per month, every other month, or only once and then take a break. We are in a situation where every little bit helps, and small bits over time are more powerful than over-extending and harming ourselves (and thus being taken offline for magical healing work). 

Good luck to us all, and to our Ancestors, our Honored Dead, and to our Earth Mother and all her species as a whole,

Monika Healing Coyote


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