Open shamanic journey group ONLINE

Join me for the next Open Journey class of 2020! We'll be meeting ONLINE, broadcast from my home in Maryland, on Sunday April 19th 2020, from 2pm to 4:30pm. This group is open to anyone who has interest in learning how to work with the Spirits for personal growth, self-healing, and connection with the Otherworlds. Beginners to experienced Journeyers are welcome!

(c) 2020, Monika Healing Coyote

Our topic changes each month to allow for inspiration via the spirits, planetary movements/pressures, world events, etc. THE TOPIC FOR APRIL WILL BE ON SPIRITUAL TRAVEL WHILE SHELTERING IN PLACE!

Our workshop is set up as follows:

  1. Payment, attendance, introductions, announcements (ZOOM link will be sent to paid attendees, as well as the recording afterwards!)
  2. Small lecture on the philosophy, occult technology, and background information of the monthly topic
  3. Short restroom break
  4. Preparation/explanation of Journey
  5. Drumming meditation & sharing of stories (NOTE: Due to the lack of effective audio on Zoom, please ensure that you have your own rattle, drum, YouTube track, or other sonic driving device!)
  6. Thank yous to the Spirits and attendees

The cost is $20 (payable via PayPal at the time of class, see link here). It is helpful for folks to have a journal, a bottle of water/tea/etc., and a small snack next to their online devices. The Zoom meeting and login information will be sent to all pre-paid attendees within 24 hrs of payment.

ATTENTION: This is a monthly beginning-to-intermediate Shamanic Journey group, as well as a place for those that wish a dedicated time/space to interact with their Helping Spirits. The fee is $20, and it is helpful to have at least a basic understanding of Journey techniques beforehand. Due to awful audio feedback issues with online teaching, you MUST be able to meditate with your own rattle, drum, YouTube track, etc.; I will not be able to drum for the class. If you need help, contact me via Messenger before our class, and we can work together for your first journey!! (guided meditaiton journey)


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