A most loving review of shamanic healing during Shelter-in-Place!

Many of my reviews and recommendations can be found on my Facebook Page, but here is a lovely one I received online just recently:

"Last month I spent an evening session with Monika in a Zoom chat.. After years of trauma and difficulties plaguing my life I was finally ready to book with her. If you have any doubt as to whether a virtual session works, throw it out the window and book one now.

I was able to relax in my own space which allowed a greater sense of safety for me. I have significant trust issues and past healings had resulted in my needing to help the practitioner instead of myself. With Monika, there were no worries. I was upfront with my experiences so she would understand any hang ups she might encounter. I had set up a quiet area and surrounded myself with items that resonated. After a quick chat to get us both settled and comfortable she got to work. And she had her work cut out for her.

Let me tell you that there was a LOT to deal with. Monika was kind, patient, respectful, and determined. She worked tirelessly with her spirit guides to help me. In her workroom she had set up a representation of me to focus upon and showed the space to me before beginning. While you might think it wouldn't be as impactful without her physically present, it was probably more so for me. Not only could I feel the energy release/movement I honestly forgot that we were in a virtual platform on several occasions. I live several states away from her so physically appearing to a session is difficult for me even without the Quarantine. Being in my own safe space, surrounded by things I connected with made a huge difference and allowed me to open up when I otherwise might have withheld.

As we ended the session I felt lighter and more hopeful than I had in almost two decades. I highly recommend her virtual sessions and definitely endorse her as a powerful healer. I will be scheduling follow up sessions over the next few months to keep the healing work going but I wanted to be sure to say something now.

Book your session. Whether in-person or virtual, you will not regret it. Monika Healing Coyote is worth the investment, and so are you."

Healing CAN happen online and remotely, and I've had an international client base for almost 8 out of my 10 years of public work. Please contact me, and we'll work together for clarity, purification, cord-cutting, soul retrieval, and adaptability during this pandemic!


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