Druid Shamanic healing ceremony for Midsummer/Solstice!

Hello everyone! Had a bit of a snafu during the Live Recording process, so here's the synopsis of ritual/missing information: Our theme for this ritual is "Empowering the Light!" Summer Solstice is the longest day for the Northern Hemisphere, and is usually celebrated with fire festivals and the gifts of summer food & drink. However, this Solstice energy is complicated by the Ring of Fire/Solar Eclipse, which actually diminishes the Light. Eclipses are very complicated magic, and can occlude the spiritual work (there is a reason why they were feared/worked with differently by Celtic and IE populations).
The ceremony is both a personal healing ceremony and a cultural healing ceremony. We are supporting not only our own energies (i.e., pandemic anxiety, stress, exhaustion, apathy), but ensuring that the causes we support (#PRIDE, #CoronavirusResearch, and #BlackLivesMatter) remain in the forefront of public consciousness.
Join me for this ~1-hr ceremony to heal & empower our Light Bodies, create a mantle of Light for our roles (Advocate, Warrior, Healer, Mystic, Destroyer/Creator), and send energies (under the auspices of Apollo, Medusa, and Papa Legba) to social justice causes in need of support!


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