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Recently, a student of mine joined in our Advanced Shamanic Working Group this past Sunday, and received a wonderful & inspired message from her Spirits!

I have posted it here, with permission, and you are welcome to follow up with her on Facebook.

Journey with Monika 5/30/2020. Dismemberment. Offering our delicious shredded bits to our guides as we request a personal healing. Asking for insight into these intensely unfolding events the world is experiencing.

"Today I journey to meet with my guides and ask for a personal healing. I ask to be offered an omen for the rest of this year [2020]."

"The drumming track starts and I find myself walking through the dappled woods. I approach my welcoming friend Tree. Heart smiling I offer greetings and I step in and through. I emerge feeling tall and willowy and elegant. I stepped out into a lush green grove warmed with golden sunlight. I saw a small child sitting a short distance away, they were maybe 4 or 5 years old, sitting with their knees pulled up and their arms wrapped around their shins, their chin was tucked. They seemed sad or introspective.

I walked up & went to sit down beside them and as I did I fell back & disintegrated into a pile of ash. My imprint upon the ground laid in the shape of a Thunderbird or an angel. Arms outstretched & slightly overhead. The little one was sitting to my left, tucked beneath my upswept arm alongside my ribs. I was aware of their presence from my place in the earth. I was curious about them. I felt they were some part of my essence.
I notice a group of “people” gathering at my right foot. I’m not sure what they wanted or why they were there. Are they my birth father's people? A quick fleeting thought but before I had a chance to get overly curious about them the youngling suddenly dove into the earth, right into my chest & started rapidly somersaulting in my torso, over & over & over again, we then melded together and leapt out of the earth into bird form. Shooting up into the sky, Golden eagle, flying high into the sky and out over the valley. Soaring in circles high above a happy, vibrant, safe & thriving village that overflowed with love & joy. Golden light & laughter filled the air.
This beautiful village seemingly unaware that not so far off in the distance there was a high wall surrounding & protecting the precious peaceful village. They seemed unconcerned that the entire length of the wall was being bombarded by monstrous chaos. Raging, lunging, clawing, howling demon beasts. Violent churning, black & red swirling chaos that threatened to spill over into the sacred sanctuary...but it didn’t, maybe they knew it couldn’t breech those walls. Maybe they trusted it wouldn’t. Rather than the chaos flowing over the walls it slowly started to harden over. In that way lava does as it cools. The chaos stilled as if it seemingly turned to stone. It felt as if it was sleeping, at rest. Not dead but very still. At this point I stopped circling & descended into the village, immediately morphing into in my owl-human form. Tall, slender & graceful with my gorgeous Owl head. I was met with love & familiarity from the people there and immediately felt surrounded by my ancestors and guides. So much love gathered behind and around me, filling me up. I felt completely Held & Safe. I felt grounded, clear, empowered. My heart was wholly at ease. I was Holy Whole.
The gate at the wall opened and people started walking through. They looked confused, unsure. They rubbed their eyes and faces as if they had been crying or had just woken up. They looked “new” somehow. They looked as if they weren’t sure where they were, as if they just manifested into this new world. Their hearts felt gentle, curious, raw and tender, filled with hope & innocence. I greeted and hugged each being as they stepped through the gate and with each embrace the joy grew immensely. The golden glowing light enveloped & warmed us all and things felt right. Absolutely right. It was beautiful. As people emerged from the hardened stone and stepped through the gate into the garden sanctuary the hardened molten mass was transformed into green rolling hills. Lush & alive. Teeming with life.

When I asked for my omen I was told to remember Owl. That my mantra is Trust.
To Trust the Unfurling. To Trust in my own innate knowing. Trust in my wisdom. Trust the good within myself that also flows in so many truly wonderful people. I mean look how many magnificent beings I know firsthand, wow! there are loads of truly good folks out there.
I was told to trust myself in creating and holding safe space, for self and other. To trust that I can indeed model what it looks like to walk with integrity, love, grace & courage, knowing that I embody true compassion & caring. TRUST!
I had the sense that the chaos outside the wall was intense and alive. That it will churn and morph and feed on itself for sometime to come. Courage. Patience. Endurance. And then there will be a pause of some sort, as fallow fields rest so that new vibrant life can be born.
The world needs those of us who can hold the light steady, those of us who know full well what lives in those shadows. We are a beacon to help guide the way for folks as they pull free from the confusion and layers of programming from a lifetime of believing in the construct. As systems fall away many will be shaken to their core & we can help ground & hold the field while folks find their footing. We are that golden happy village. We are The Sacred Space. We will help hold the grid as the foundations get laid. May we all receive our upgrades and recalibration with ease."

Wow! I am so thankful for the Spirits making Their ways into others' lives, and I am deeply honored to share the wisdom of IndigoOwlWoman. Hail the Kindred and Spirits! 
Monika Coyote


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