31 August, 2020

Workshop: Working with Guardian Spirits for Protection


Eagle Statue, from WikiCommons

On Sunday, September 13th, Monika Healing Coyote will be teaching a workshop intensive: Guardian Spirits & how to work with them for Protection. The workshop begins at 12:00 noon EST, and ends at 4:00pm EST (it will be held over Zoom-- please contact her for login details).

This 4-hr intensive will discuss the role of the Guardian of the Home in different Indo-European, Greek, Roman, Ancient Egyptian, and United States city magicks & cultures. Interested folks can discover techniques to connect with a guardian spirit, learn about reciprocal offerings, practice communication techniques, and create warding/protecting for the home, apartment, bedroom, etc.

The cost of this beginner-to-advancing-level training is $40, and can be pre-paid by sending funds via PayPal, Google Wallet, and/or Venmo. Please contact Monika Coyote via email or phone (410 989 6947) to secure your spot!

Open shamanic journey class coming Sunday Jan 24th via Zoom!

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