House Clearings & Blessings Workshop Intensive THIS SUNDAY!

(c) Monika Healing Coyote, 2020

The magical work of creating safe & protected space exists within all cultures. In many Indo-European practices, house clearings and "dwelling blessings" are used to create a safe home environment, protection from the weather, the promotion of "ghosti" & hospitality between hosts and guests, and the facilitation of sacred space when connecting with the Spirits.

The importance of learning House Clearing/Blessing techniques is even more important during this 2020 Pandemic Year.
Join Monika Healing Coyote on Sunday, November 22nd, in this 5-hr intensive to learn about clearing the dwelling space of negative/intrusive energies, fostering healing relationships with the Land and genius loci, setting up wards & protections around the home/apartment/bedroom areas, and communicating with the Helping Spirits for guardianship and protection.
This workshop is $50, payable via cash, check, or PayPal (see link to PayPal here). All participants will receive a copy of the lecture, notes, and additional materials!


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