The Undeparted TV Show and the need for Psychopomp Healers

 As we get closer to Winter Solstice, many of us are reflecting back on this year of 2020-- the Pandemic Year.

There has been SO MUCH needless loss of life, especially here in the States. Over a quarter of a million dead, and we haven't even begun to count those who technically survived but now have permanent disabilities due to the coronavirus.

Since Samhain, the Wild Hunt has consistently rode the harsh winds of Winter, in order to help psychopomp the Angry, Unquiet Dead to where they need to go. 

The Undeparted TV show demonstrates some of the nasty side effects of Dead Energies that remain in the realms of the living for too long. I and my fellow healer, Harriet Shager, worked for over 2 years with Sand Hill Antiques to help clear, bless, and protect the property (and its caretakers).

Our pilot episode is free to view, and if you are interested in learning how to help the Dead move on safely, please join me and other attendees for the upcoming workshop on Psychopomp Healing, Sunday December 6th at 12noon EST!


  1. Watching this incredible satisfying esoteric all moving palpable documentary thank you so much for your cute contribution it’s had a massive effect on me all the way across the pond in London

    1. That's wonderful, many thanks from over here in the States!


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