Curse-breaking workshop on Sunday Jan 31st!

 The sending of curses is a magical technology that has existed in most of the world's cultures since ancient times. Even in the 21st century, this type of psychic attack can be used to manipulate, harm, & disempower others-- even if the sender doesn't have specialized training.

"You can't bless if you can't curse" is a gross corruption of Victor Andersen's words, "One must learn the methods of hexing in order to heal." Please join us in learning the effective magical and shamanic technologies to help heal curses of this lifetime (and past lifetimes), as well as ancestral curses, workplace curses, and cursework laid by others upon one's generations.
The cost of this advanced-level training is $40, and all participants will receive a recording of the lecture, notes, and additional materials for their own mystical work.


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