Expanding the Healing Work

 2020. Just wow.

Last year marked 10 years working for the public community along the East Coast and MidAtlantic areas of the United States. It also marked 2 years of heavy, intensive work on behalf of the American public (when you live this close to Washington, DC, it's impossible not to get involved!).

My practice, training, and community work/teachings have changed so much. And so has my work with the Spirits. 

The world has also changed, and while I did not attend school for computer science, advertising, or marketing (this is my background), I am learning how to grow and expand to better meet the needs of the community in which I serve.

In the next few weeks, I'll be working on a new website. This site will remain here, with all workshops copied between the two sites, until December 2021.

Stay tuned for when I announce the new "shaman hut" on the internet!


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