About Healing Coyote

My name is Monika, and I am a shamanic healer located near Columbia, MD.

I am a full-time shamanic healer, and my practice includes both individual and group healing ceremonies, house clearings/blessings, shamanic journey workshops, and an international online (via Skype & Google Hangouts) practice.

For me, the term "shamanic healer" is a job title, describing healing that occurs in relationship with Spirits. My own relationships with Spirits are informed by my personal culture & spirituality: Druidry. I was a member of Ar nDriaocht Fein (ADF) for over 9 years, and worked specifically within their Healer's Guild for 3 years. Although I am not a formal member of any druid group at this time, I do enjoy attending summer events and workshops!

I have studied psychology and counseling for many years, and received my Master's Degree in 2005. I have worked in the field of Mental Health for almost 15 years, and enjoy helping others with support & processing of different crises.

I have extensive spiritual training, including my Teacher/Master Level certification in Usui Reiki, Soul Retrieval training, and I am an alumna of Gryphons Grove School of Shamanism. I am also a legally-ordained member of the Clergy in the State of Maryland.

Many have asked about my personal relationship with Coyote, as he is not normally considered a Spirit within the culture of Druidry. He and I have worked together since my first shamanic journey (in 2002), and His main role in the Americas is to Heal His People (please read His myths regarding his role as Protector to Humanity). With my training, and love of Tricksters, we work very well together!

I work hard to combine both my psychology and spiritual training for my clients, and I love to supports others in healing and Joyful practices!

Please email me at LonelyCoyote@healingcoyote.com, or call 410-989-6947 for an appointment.