The following are different professional presentations given at Spirituality Conferences across the Mid-Atlantic  & Midwest Regions. This list also includes articles published in magazines and journals. If you are interested in any of these presentations, and/or would like to set up a workshop, please email me.    Thank you!

Introduction to Shamanism (c) 2012    

A presentation that gives a very general overview of shamanic cultures around the world. A comparison of techniques is given, citing the works of Michael Harner, Mircea Eliade, Sandra Ingerman, and others. Can be used for any level of attendee, even "Sunday School" children!

Using Shamanic Healing Techniques when Assessing &Treating the Addicted Client (c) 2012 

A presentation that goes over general assessments of addictions, differential treatment in Substance Abuse Psychology, and how addiction is perceived in the Spiritual Realms. Attendees will receive a quick introduction to Miller & Rollnick's Motivational Interviewing Techniques, and then the presentation will open into a discussion of how the NeoPagan movement as a whole addresses addiction within Wiccan covens, Druid grove, and others.

Differentiating between Mental Illness and Spiritual Experience (c) 2013     
In many alternative forms of religion, transcendent spiritual practices can give practitioners direct revelatory interactions with different forms of the Divine. These methods can be used both in community and individual searches for gnosis. Sometimes, the practitioner can experience extra-sensory phenomena, which can be terrifying if the dominant culture does not support the experience. Many extra-sensory phenomena overlap with the psychological definitions of mania, delusions, hallucinations, and hysteria. How can one tell the difference between visionary spiritual experiences and symptoms of mental illness? How can we support our peers through these experiences? And how can we protect ourselves from those who would discredit or harass practitioners who believe their experiences to be real (or "fake" experiences in order to gain "followers")?

This workshop will give spiritual practitioners, clergy, mental health professionals, ministers, Tarot/Rune readers, friends, and families the information needed to evaluate these types of experiences. We will start with a short background of the different cultures & philosophies regarding mental illness and visionary spiritual states. Attendees will learn about psychological illnesses, focusing on Axis I & II disorders (from the DSM-IV), and compare/contrast those symptoms with the symptoms of Visionary Spiritual Experiences. Video examples will be used to help participants observe different symptomology, and the workshop will close with options for referring people to appropriate service providers.

Healing Through Laughter (c) 2014     

A presentation that describes the history of Coyote in the Americas, and his evolution as a God Form into his role as Healer to humanity. Discussion of Trickster archetypes, comparison of wild coyotes to Coyote himself, and includes a Pathworking to meet Coyote.

When Plant Shamanism goes Wrong: the new Designer Drugs (c) 2014     

A presentation discussing the draw of hallucinogenic drugs to increase spiritual experiences, and how the new Designer Drugs are not only damaging on a physical level, but can CAUSE mental illness, breakdown, suicidality, and spiritual possession.

Psychopomp: Techniques of Healing the Dead (c) 2015 

A presentation that discusses historical records of Psychopomp work, including the different deities from each pantheon that have this role (Hermes, Manannan Mac Lir, Coyote, Odin, Freya, Heimdall (to some extent, etc.). Techniques will be discussed during the reading of my own Journeywork into this realm, as well as the very real dangers and taboos. Finally, participants will discuss their own work with the Dead, and how incredibly healing and necessary the role of Psychopomp is in our current culture.

Spirits of the City: working with Urban Nature Spirits (c) 2017

Numerous books & articles describe working in partnership with the genius loci of the woodlands, mountains, rivers, and/or fields, but very few describe the Spirits that inhabit subway trains, city parks, homeless shelters, and skyscrapers. There is Magic in cities, if you know how to approach it. This workshop uses New York City, Washington D.C., and London as examples of the many archetypal Spirits that are found within large urban areas. Attendees will learn about the Beggarman, the Eyes of the City, the Royal Court of Subway Trains, and others.


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