Shamanic Journeying is a spiritual technique used to contact helping spirits in Otherworlds in order to receive healing, knowledge, and insight. It is a type of "direct revelation" that is very empowering, and can be learned by individuals in all cultures.

There have been numerous articles, books, magazines, etc. written about shamanic journeying, but a great starter-text is Sandra Ingerman's text: Shamanic Journeying, a Beginner's Guide. It is very grounded in basic skills and techniques, and written in an easily-accessible and understandable way.

I first learned how to journey at a workshop during the summer of 2002. The workshop leader drummed for a group of us, after providing basic instructions. I absolutely loved it, and immediately began searching for drumming circles and journeying groups near my home. Sadly, there were none local to me, and so I spent the next seven years meeting spirits during individual journey work.

During my professional shamanic training (2010-2012), I was ecstatic to be able to journey with a group of peers again. As per my Ethical Code-- journeying alone can sometimes be dangerous (What is real/projection? Can I trust what this Spirit is telling me? How do I make sure that I'm "fully back" from my Journey?), and I loved being able to compare and contrast stories with other people.

For those that are comfortable driving to Montgomery County, Maryland, I lead an Open Shamanic Journey Group on the 3rd and/or 4th Sunday of each month. This location is the main location for classes, but sometimes other locations will host us, depending on our topic. Each lesson is self-contained, and all are welcome.

I also offer more Advanced Shamanic training, such as soul retrieval, psychopomp work, shielding, grounding & centering, increasing one's perceptions in the Otherworlds, etc. These classes are geared towards individuals who have more experience with journeywork, and have established healthy relationships with their Helping Spirits. Although there are pre-requisites, these classes are also open to the public, and are located in Silver Spring, MD.

This link will direct you to the Facebook Events Page, so that you can look at past, present, and future events. I can't wait to meet new students, and to help foster your own communication with Spirits!


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