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Spiritual Mentoring Services:

One of the most difficult things after a healing ceremony is to try and figure out omens from our Helping Spirits, and to interpret them effectively. Many times, spirits give out "shamanic homework,"  and follow up is needed to integrate the lessons. A listening ear, and a guiding voice can be very helpful.

Additionally, it can be beneficial for those in leadership positions to discuss different behavior patterns seen in spiritual groups, and how best to set boundaries and maintain supportive energy.

I am available both via phone and Skype, in order to engage in a discussion of these and other spiritual issues. Please note: This is not in place of a Crisis Hotline-- if you are feeling suicidal/homicidal, or are the victim of abuse, you need to immediately contact 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.
Available both via Phone Call and Skype
$65.00 per hour via PayPal online

Divination has been used by numerous cultures to provide insight, advice, and healing to those that seek answers from their Helping Spirits. Using two different but complimentary divination systems (Norse Runes and Tarot), I will provide a snapshot and a short written paragraph response to your question(s) (highlighted by the Reading), along with possible guidance on how to proceed. I work with two divination systems in order to maintain inter-rater reliability, and to ensure a clear story from the Otherworlds.

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You will receive a personalized photograph of both the Rune reading and the Tarot reading, along with the healing story that the two systems illustrate. Sometimes, deeper issues are brought into consciousness via divination, and further information and/or healing may be needed (no more than one question/theme per purchase, please).
Purchase online via PayPal for $35
and include your email address
and questions in the Notes section 

How can I find my own Helping Spirit?

With the increase of self-directed spirituality in America (a wonderful trend!), many people are interested in connecting with a Helping Spirit and learning lessons on their own. Drumming classes and other groups are great at helping this process, but sometimes, a shaman is needed to connect someone with his/her first Helping Spirit. I will journey on your behalf, find your Helping Spirit, introduce it to you, and assist you in beginning a working relationship.
Purchase online via PayPal for $99
and include your preference for in-person
or written description of the Journey
in the Notes section


  1. I'd like to know if the spirits that I channel are actually who are claim to be. Can your divination answer that question? I also suspect my ex of doing black magic on me. Can you confirm that through your various techniques? If so, I'd like to know how to contact with you to discuss more in detail. Thanks.

  2. Hi, I am interested in divination but, following the instructions for payment, I don't see the Notes section you are referring to. Could you please email me at Thank you.


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