Dear Healing Coyote and potential clients,

"When I met Monika, I was at the bottom of a dark hole of grief and despair. Her talent, profound knowledge of human behavior, and compassion have been incredibly helpful in my journey from the hole and my own ongoing transformation. I frequently listen to our recorded healing sessions and remark that her guidance is insightful and wise. Once we did an incredibly focused, series of three healing ceremonies, words cannot express how helpful these focused sessions have been and continue to be. I am so blessed to have Monika's expert guidance as I wander around this universe." 

Washington, D.C.
"I want to thank you for your services last Saturday. It was an incredible experience that I certainly will NEVER forget. As soon as I got home I felt peace and serenity. I changed my bedding, bought the stones, and searched for the books you recommended. For the past week I have felt clear minded, happy, and excited to live again and I have you to thank for that. Although it is a very awkward and sad conversation to have regarding [my past traumas], I have come to terms with it. I have been struggling with this for 4 years, but your story and kind words have made me feel at peace for once. I truly believe we were connected for a reason and I am blessed to have met you. Unfortunately the past few days I have seen outlines of spirits but they do not bother me. I know that the cute and fluffy fox (who I have named Wolfie) is going to protect me and not let anyone or anything get in my way. I feel as if Wolfie is my friend and spiritual partner.  Once again, you are truly a talented woman that has helped me overcome various difficult obstacles in just the 2.5 hours we spent together. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
-- K & Wolfie
"I feel really well, and I am SO GRATEFUL for your healing gifts. I hope I can come back again when I feel I need some special TLC!"

"I just wanted to thank you for class yesterday, you have such a clear way of explaining everything that I find very helpful and enriching. I was feeling pretty fuzzy yesterday, so the grounding practice was great for me :)"
"Would like for you to know, as an old lady who has seen more than you can imagine (even with the help of the limitless spirits who do not have borders), you are a treasure. A gifted human who has long years ahead to lead thought in spiritual awareness...Thank you for introducing me to my lemur spirit."
"Monika is a skilled, compassionate and insightful healer. My session with her clarified a number of issues for me, and now, several days later, I can say that I feel  more empowered and energized than I have in some time."
"Dear One, Great Good Luck as you focus on writing your book. If it's anything like your wonderful presentations, it will be a knock out. You've got a special knack for clearly conveying complex ideas. Your work in the fields of mental health and spiritual experience will go a long way toward making the line between those two things more bright...You are a bright and shining star! Follow your path to find the abundant and unimagined riches waiting for you there. Happy New Year.!! XO"
"My CD arrived [remote healing appointment] and have just finished listening to it. I will reply in more detail later...but for now may I say that your work is not only extremely accurate in all aspects - but has already had a tremendous good effect - even though it has manifested in some small to moderate physical manifestations - sore throat, dizziness, nausea - for one day only - so it came in super potent and quick……and is gone - more to come - cannot thank you enough - wish you offered remote teaching :)"

"I want to thank you for my session yesterday!!! It was amazing, I woke up this morning with lots of bubbly energy and not anxious at all...also, we ran to target last night and I had no anxiety, which is a first!! Relieved over all. I have been trying for a very long time to start very hard work in therapy and finally started right before G----- got sick and needless to say it got put on hold... after yesterday I feel like I have the strength to do so, thank you so much!! I feel like things about me make much more sense now." 
"I wanted to give you some feedback about the house cleansing.  First, you and D--- are awesome and I would recommend you guys to anyone that asked.  I am convinced "it" is gone...My shaman says you made the house so unwelcome for it that it did not come back out after you left...  So I'm good and the house is great.  I thought you'd want this feedback since you guys probably did some protection techniques but I didn't think to do that. You took your time and really cornered it. I am so grateful! Again, thank you so much for the great care you took to help me and my son.  He loved the coyote bone and seems much more comfortable. He slept through the night and has been more relaxed. Thanks again for giving me my house back!"
"The.Best.Healing.Appointment.Ever! OMGs, if anyone is interested in Shamanic healing, I've got your healer! Thank you so very much dear Monika for your time, talent, healing and friendship today. I feel lighter, better, freer than I have in months! Much, much love and gratitude to you my friend."
"So, the past year has been difficult on many levels. My creativity has suffered greatly and I haven't written much (never mind the lip balms, lotions and other things that have been sleeping with my crash). Yesterday's healing has gone a long way toward improving that. I wrote today.... not a lot, but I wrote. Just around 350 words, but it made me smile. I wanted to run from my computer screen when I started. but I sat and wrote. Turns out it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. So, soon I'll be getting a blog back up. Full of stories about my spiritual path, my Tarot card adventures and whatever else strikes my fancy. Thank you!"


"Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you. Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me bring to surface what has been building up in me for so long. I already feel more self empowered and I had a very long and serious conversation with my boyfriend about the things we talked about and the things I need in order to be happy with myself and him. I actually think it would be good for him to see you as well :) Anyways, thanks again for checking in and for all you did for me!"

"F" called me last week to get your e-mail and she was very excited & said she wanted to thank you...that you've helped her soooo much & made such a difference for her! She then proceeded to talk about all the good stuff going on. She was hired back to her waitress job & it's really working out for her. She is the one in the relationship now who is being more practical & telling (her husband) "no" to spending unnecessarily. I can't recall everything but she had lots to be happy about & couldn't stress enough how much you helped her. Thanks for all you do. Love & Blessings!"

"I am feeling good overall. I thought the session was really interesting and good. Thanks so much for the follow up. I really enjoyed the session. I noticed a heightened sensitivity for a few days after the healing, kind of like after I received my Reiki attunements. You know, those weird little psychic synchronicities (for lack of a better description) where you know the answer before the question is asked, etc.  That was pretty cool. Thanks again!"


"Thank you very much for bringing your practice to me. I have been more open to emotions since receiving your healing work. My walking continues to improve. And I've found it helpful to know that our home and neighborhood are OK."


"Hey Monika…I've already noticed some improvement in my libido. Yay!!! And I think I can speak for my granddaughter that we're both feeling somewhat lighter (like some weight was lifted)…I really loved the healing & you did really well."

"Thank you very much for the healing you did for me yesterday.  I feel significantly better this morning."

"Thank you for a miraculous healing experience at Caroline's healing ceremony. I am grateful to you for being so brave to speak to me about an otherwise uncomfortable subject (my weight). I want you to know, I find myself correcting my posture and sitting up straight, as to hold my soul's wings up proudly. What a wonderful visual you described for me. I will never forget the gift you gave me and I know this will help me towards becoming whole, healthy and strong again. I can see you traveling on the subway in New York to your appointments, making this world a better place one soul at a time. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!"

"I want to share with you thoughts on the soul pieces you re-captured for me. The one regarding my last job is self-explanatory I think. The second, smaller one, that you said referred to a scene of me watching my daughter plan and feeling a deep moment of sadness refers to a moment when I felt very sad for my daughter that she won't get to know my parents and that will be an oddity in her life, something a bit less than 'normal.'  I also think the chain or mesh that you cut away from me was the personal resentments I've held against certain persons stemming from conflicts/business relationships interfering with friendships. I've reconciled with the people in question on a personal level since."

"Physically my right knee no longer hurts. And my lower back, which are both areas that Lonely Coyote worked on, no longer pull and have soreness that I felt daily for the last 10...yes TEN years. In fact, my knee has not throbbed nor ached since the healing. My back has only had some minor soreness and that is when I have overworked it. I was shocked that she honed in on those two parts as they are the only two areas of my body I had consistent pain in...I was amazed at how quickly you honed in on the two areas of pain. I was FLOORED when you saw my totem animal because it is something I have tried to do on my own since High School. I always thought it was an Owl. To find it was a polar bear was a delight! I didn't feel like anything was off, or wrong or missing or negative. The entire session was warm and loving and gentle and kind."

"Well, a few weeks prior to seeing Lonely Coyote at Autumn Magick I was diagnosed with an eye problem caused by diabetes. It's where the eye leaks in the back. Lonely Coyote gave me a healing treatment at Autumn Magick. I saw my doctor a couple weeks later and he informed me that he did see improvement. I'm hoping my eyes continue to improve. Until Autumn Magick I never had any Shamanic Healing. However, I feel your technique was just fine. Your upbeat and dynamic personality will make you a very successful healer."

"Emotionally & Mentally? I think that the healing was psychologically good for me. Crowds don't seem as problematic, for the most part. This is a pretty big deal. I feel more steady, and I realize why I'm feeling emotions more readily (for instance, I process a lot of stress physically rather than mentally-- things can bother me that aren't a part of my internal dialogue. So, I've been stepping back when I feel tense with mental "symptoms" rather than just feeling shitting and overwhelmed and wondering, 'so why is this...?' And it helps me put it into perspective."