Healing Ceremonies

Individual Healing Ceremony Appointment:

Each ceremony combines my training in Soul Retrieval, intrusive energy extraction, Usui Reiki, helping spirit(s) retrieval, trees & plants, stones & crystals, connection to one's cultural ancestors, and sacred song in order to create a fully individualized healing. Sometimes, depending on the symptoms recognized by the Spirits, depossession work is needed, as well as psychopomp work for family/ancestors. This can also involve past-life healing and curse-breaking.

Most appointments last around 1.5 - 2 hours, and the type of healing given depends on the information received while in trance. Note: If the healing ceremony continues past 2.5 hours, there will be an additional charge of $20 per hour, added to the final cost of the ceremony.

Clients are welcome to bring a friend or family member(s) to the ceremony, to take notes, for moral support, and to be the "designated driver" so the client can fully relax after the ceremony.

Available in-person, recording, and via Skype
(+$20/hr for each hour past the 2.5 hr ceremony limit)

After a catalyzing individual ceremony, some clients may be in need of a follow-up session. This is useful to clear the outer Auric and Etheric layers of any residual blockages (i.e., "pain bodies") that are maintaining their hold. This is also useful if the healing work and soul retrieval are not integrating effectively. Most follow-up/integration appointments last approximately one hour, and are offered at reduced cost within a 30-day time period.
Available in-person, recording, and via Skype
$99.00 within 40 days
of original ceremony

House Clearings are useful for homes, apartments, offices, work areas, gardens, farmland, etc. I clear the entire area of negative intrusions, ghosts, dead family members, and other entities. Next, I immediately create and reinforce all wards and boundaries on the property. I also begin a dialogue with the Spirits of the Land, to ensure that it is protected and happy, as well as ensuring that the Spirits of Electricity and Water remain working during most storms!

I am able to travel to Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Virginia.  Additional costs may be added for locations involving greater distance, fuel, tolls, and and equipment/offerings. I am available on both weekdays and weekends, and have experience ranging from small city apartments to large farms with numerous homes & barns.

pricing negotiated on a
case-by-case basis

Grand Crystal Healing Ceremony:

This ceremony is for a group of people that are interested in healing specific issues and trauma. It is set up similar to an individual healing ceremony (please learn more about that here), except that I will focus on areas that need the most energy (i.e., targeted healing, instead of a full, comprehensive healing). Stones, woods, crystals, etc. will be set up in a Healing Crystal Grid, to help support the energy, and I will meet with each attendee individually. Blockages will be removed & released, and energy will be returned in the form of Soul Retrieval, power retrieval, and other Helping Spirit blessings. It is helpful to bring a journal, to write down any thoughts or discussion during your healing, and to remember the advice provided by the Spirits. All religions, spiritualities, etc. are welcome, and a genuine desire for healing and wholeness help to make this ritual powerful.

Group Ceremonies are good for close friends, families, spiritual groups, covens, druid groves, etc. in which a large number of people are interested in shamanic healing. These are also great for non-local groups, in which a specific person can host a group of people at his/her home or local park. A minimum of 4 clients are needed for the Crystal Ceremony group, and the maximum amount of clients will depend on the location size (please email me for specifics). These ceremonies are best done in-person, and I am able to travel to Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Virginia, depending on the cost of fuel and equipment needed.

pricing negotiated on a
case-by-case basis, and the price
per-person adjusts in ratio
to the number of clients attending
Special Notes:

Sliding Scale Discounts will be provided for those on Disability (Medical Assistance, Medicaid, SSI/SSDI, TCA, etc.)-- please note that in your email to me.

  • If you are deaf/hard-of-hearing, and in need of an ASL Interpreter, I am able to set up services with a fellow shamanic healer who can translate the appointment extremely effectively. The rate is $50/hr, with a 2 hour minimum. Please email me to learn more!

Additionally, all military personnel, either Active Duty, Reserve, or Veteran, receive Reduced Healing Appointments (must have Military ID and/or DD214 available upon date/time of appointment). Thank you so much for your service!

(updated March 2020)

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